Translation solutions

We are a company centered on expert, precise, and professional translation. The priority of those who work at Linguæ is quality and directness in transferring texts between languages and cultures.


General translation

Translation can be used for a variety of purposes, including sales,
education, entertainment, commerce, and diplomacy.

Specialized translation

Specialized translation is the translation of texts that require specific knowledge about a particular subject, such as medicine, law, or technology.

Certified translations

They have been reviewed and approved by a professional translator and are used for legal, medical, or financial documents.

“Translation is developed in a destination-to-destination relationship.”

Yves Bonnefoy

“Translation is a negotiation process between texts and cultures.”

Susan Bassnett

“Language is translation
above all.”

Octavio Paz

“A translation must be as beautiful as the original in three aspects: semantic, phonetic, and logical.”

Xu Yuanchong

A few of our clients

“What one is going to translate is analogous to the source of inspiration.”

Pura López Colomé

“What does translating mean? The first and most comforting answer would be: saying the same thing in another language.”

Umberto Eco

“Translation is definitely the act
of creating a new work.”

Jarasree Kalathil